Monday, March 31, 2008

facing wain? pray for rain.

i forced myself not to reference alanis morissette in the title of this post. you can than me later.

rained out first game, but so far, so good. i guess albert will have to hit two dingers tomorrow to make up for the erased one today. it's too bad that wainwright won't get the chance to get an opening day win, but at least he won't take the loss either.

in lieu of the cards game, i've been tuned to every other baseball game available, and i have to say this. eric gagne is a big ball of fuck. after coughing up the lead in the cubs/brewers game so fast you'd think he was paid off, he managed to pitch his way through one inning (purportedly his job) and take the win from ben sheets, who started and shut out the cubs for six plus innings.

auspicious beginning for fukudome, however. ah, they'll still fuck it up.

tomorrow, lohse versus kip "kip wells" wells. i set the over/under for kip's era after tomorrow at infinity. any takers?

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twunch said...

I think that under the circumstances: namely, having at least three big league pitchers in our starting rotation; it is time for you to restart the rabidredbird.

One man's opinion.

Also- typed in GtheDamned into my little browser bar and got the website The Damned instead. Eesh. Eventually I was able to get to your blog (also a li'l dusty) but I'm just saying....